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Ghosts Clan Rewards / Unlocks

Below is a list of the clan unlocks that your members and clan are rewarded with as your Ghosts clan levels up

Level 2
Metal Clan Wallpaper
Rust Clan Wallpaper
Steel Clan Wallpaper
Level 3
Desert Clan Wallpaper
Digital Clan Wallpaper
Stealth Clan Wallpaper
Level 4
3D Hunter Camo Background
3D Hunter Camo Calling Card
Level 5
Bodycount Patch
Level 6
Double Clan XP (2 Hours)
Level 7
Jungle Clan Wallpaper
Tech Clan Wallpaper
Winter Clan Wallpaper
Level 8
Hamburger Patch
Level 9
Ghost Skull (Cloth) Background
Ghost Skull (Cloth) Calling Card
Leopard Clan Wallpaper
Rhino Clan Wallpaper
Snake Clan Wallpaper
Level 10
Double Clan XP (2 Hours)
Level 11
Gold Clan Tag
Level 12
Ghost Skull (Cold) Wallpaper
Ghost Skull (Natural) Wallpaper
Ghost Skull (Smoke) Wallpaper
Shattered Glass Background
Shattered Glass Calling Card
Level 13
Unicorn Patch
Level 14
Red Skull Clan Wallpaper
Skull Camo Clan Wallpaper
Skulls Clan Wallpaper
Level 15
Dragon Clan Wallpaper
Dragon Scales Background
Dragon Scales Calling Card
Ninja Clan Wallpaper
Samurai Clan Wallpaper
Level 16
Dead Samuray Patch
Level 17
Double Clan XP (2 Hours)
Level 18
Alien Cyber Clan Wallpaper
Alien Global Clan Wallpaper
Alien Skull Clan Wallpaper
Frog Patch
Level 19
Tattoo Flash Art Background
Tattoo Flash Art Calling Card
Level 20
Land Pirate Clan Wallpaper
Night Pirate Clan Wallpaper
Sea Pirate Clan Wallpaper
Level 21
Dino Patch
Level 22
Double Clan XP (2 Hours)
Level 23
Kiss of Death Camo
Level 24
Double Clan XP (2 Hours)
Level 25
Leader of the Pack
Red Clan Tag (must finish level 25)

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