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Want more for your clan than what COD offers?

Create your own Clan Page for FREE and get these features:

    • Official Clan Pages - Verify yours today!
    • Raid list and Leaderboards and Clan Raid History/Details
    • View your Player Profile with real time data!
    • Real time Clan War Stats and information all on one page for easy readability
    • Size up your competition with clan stats for your competitors right on the clan war page
    • Sync Stats with official COD stats including Clan Stats, Full Roster, as well as individual Roster stats
    • Track which players have played in the last day, weeks, or months.
    • See how each of your members are progressing in their stats by comparing with older data
    • Show your official Clan Emblem on the site
  • Consoles
    • List your members by platform to stay organized
  • Basic SEO Optimization for your clan page
    • Page Title, Description, and Keywords
    • Custom Subdomain (Requires 1 time Ad Removal fee)
  • Clan Statistics
    • Current Level and XP
    • Member Count
    • See player stats to know who is active and improving
    • Clan War Stats and Results
  • Clan War Stats and Results
    • Standings and division for each war
    • Real time Clan War data all on one screen
    • List of upcoming clan wars
    • List of unlocked clan achievements
  • Clan Members/Roster
    • Allow members to see a roster for your clan without logging in
    • View Roster by Rank, Name, System, a custom ranking as you see fit
    • See who is active in the clan by syncing your data with COD.
  • List of Upcoming Clan Wars
    • Times are shown in the users local timezone so no need to convert time
    • No login required for quick and easy reference
    • Show details of primary target and current standing for wars in progress
  • Social Network Links
    • Show how people can connect with you and/or your clan

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Official Clan Page
28 MembersXBL
35 MembersXbox, Playstation, PC
95 MembersXbox
Last Synced: 2016-01-26 19:35

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